Drapery Maintenance

“DraperyWorX will keep your draperies and hardware looking good and working great for years to come.” We recommend you have your draperies serviced twice a year Our Drapery Maintenance Plan allows you to take care of this with a simple phone call or email! Call or Contact DraperyWorX, We set up an appointment to estimate your cost, and get the job done. Professional and courteous Drapery Technicians. Set up the Drapery Maintenance Plan by appointment, quarterly, or yearly and ensure your draperies last for many years to come!   The DraperyWorx Maintenance Plan is provided as a service to: Remove: Allergens, Dust, Bacteria, Toxins, and Microbes using the “ProTeam” Linevacer Vacuum. Made in Partnership with  the AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION this vacuum is state of the art.  It meets the highest standards in the cleaning industry. Used in medical facilities, computer labs, clean rooms and other sensitive areas, it uses a Four-Level Filtration® system that not only cleans your draperies, it cleans the air around them. Inspect: We inspect for any needed repairs on draperies and hardware and replace parts if necessary. Freshen: Our “EnviroStep ENVIRO-AIR-32” Air Fabric freshener, is a non staining, biodegradable, freshener that meets the highest standards for human safety, Leaving your draperies smelling fresh. We use Forcefield® Brand Products to treat and protect your draperies from Spills, Stains, Fire, Mold, and harmful UV rays. Our Treatment services are available in addition to our Drapery Maintenance Plan. DraperyWorX Maintenance Plan includes cords, hardware and draperies being inspected, Draperies are vacuumed, front and back, and moving parts are lubricated (if applicable). Freshener is applied only after fabric is tested in an inconspicous place.Some fabrics may not be suitable for treatment. Some minor repairs are done at no charge, however, other more major problems, damage, parts or repairs needed, are documented and reported with a written estimate of costs to repair before any work is done.All Fabric Treatments including UV Protectant, Mold Blocker, Fabric Protector and FireGuard Treatments are available at extra cost per treatment.